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Since the beginning of technology age, we love to share our moments with the people we love through photos or videos. Before mobile sharing apps became popular, we only have Bluetooth as a medium of sharing files. But, this method has its disadvantage, that's why mobile sharing apps were born. These sharing apps were easier to use and have the fastest way of sharing our files through different phones.

Shareit is one of the well-known mobile sharing apps today. Also, it is the no. 1 app in Google Play when it comes to sharing. Using this app, it was easier to transfer your file. You just have to open the application, click the send, choose the file you have to send, and it will lead you to the radar-like page. Make sure that the receiving phone is also activated. Once the app detected the receiver, it will show the icon of the receiver in the radar like page and you just have to click. Then, voila, your file will be delivered by a rocket. It only takes a few seconds to deliver your files but still it depends on how big the file your are going to transfer.

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Based on my experience as a user, the app is great. The transfer process was much faster than Bluetooth. Whether you transfer a song or a photo, it only takes a few seconds. On its updated version, you can also send files by using their QR codes, which make the transferring much easier. The app also has its videos. This videos were short clips but they were enjoyable to watch.

Most of them are funny videos that will make your stomach ache from laughing. It has also some games you can play. Shareit can now be easily shared through the app. Just go to the invite portion and just follow the instructions there. The app getting even more enjoyable as it update is version. My sisters, who were also Shareit users, enjoys the new features.

The app is evolving to match our lifestyles. It is not only a sharing app now but a more enjoyable app that offers different services that matches our taste. I give them 5 stars because the app deserve it.


File Sharing

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